Lithuania Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla 223 556 ammunition

Lithuania  – “Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla” (GGG) successfully continues its expansion work – the factory launched its encapsulation and cartridge loading equipment. It is expected that it will increase production up to 35% and will remove the bottleneck in cartridge assembly operations. This process completed the first stage of capacity building.

“This last completion of the first stage of the production expansion – the result of the company’s several years of focused work. We are very pleased with its successful implementation and the increase in production capacity. We are constantly observing market trends and hoping to make our production even more effective in the future”, said the CEO of the “Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla” Aleksandras Nikonovas.

The Minister of Finance, Gintarė Skaistė, also attended the official launch of the equipment and the event marking the increase in production efficiency, as the Ministry of Finance exercises its rights as a shareholder of the joint stock company.

“Strengthening production capacity – especially in such uncertain times, as we live on the border of a Russian-initiated war in Ukraine – is the right thing to do, both in terms of national defence needs and in terms of supplying ammunition to more than three dozen countries”, noted the minister G. Skaistė.

The equipment was purchased in order to meet the objective set out in the shareholder’s expectations letter for the factory: ‘The company should continue to look for opportunities to increase its production volumes and to invest in the production of ammunition’, and also to reduce the bottleneck in cartridge assembly operations. The performance of the existing equipment varied, so the implementation of the project resulted in the performance efficiency of the cartridge assembly line being aligned with that of the case production line efficiency.

The first phase of the expansion amounted to an investment of €2,191,000. The project was financed with the company’s own funds.

This stage of the expansion is not the last. In order to equalise the performance of the entire production line, “Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla” is currently planning to continue to improve production efficiency and has already started to develop further expansion plans, taking into account the latest prevailing market trends.


About the “Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla”: The only producer of military and civilian ammunition in the Baltic States. It has qualified staff, advanced technology, production equipment, and a quality management system and exports 75% of its production to more than 30 countries. More about the company:

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