Freedom Munitions to Add .44 Mag to the X-DEF Line

Freedom Munitions is beefing up the X-DEF defense line with the addition of a powerful .44 Magnum cartridge.

Designed for defense, this .44 Mag cartridge utilizes a brass case with X-Treme Bullets’ copper plated, 240 grain X-DEF hollow point expanding bullet and is loaded with premium, low-flash powder. Thoroughly tested in Freedom Munitions’ own underground ballistics lab, the 240 grain projectile travels at a velocity of 1350 fps with a 6” barrel and penetrates 15”-18” in clear ballistic gelatin. In a grizzly situation, this component recipe and kinetic energy of 971 ft lbs provides an effective choice for protection.

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“We have designed each X-DEF round for optimum penetration and weight retention, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the stopping power our customers can trust. Whether you are in bear country or stocking up on home defense rounds, the addition of.44 Mag to this line allows for a confident choice in one’s personal defense ammo,” said Toby Thill, President of Freedom Munitions.

Over the last year Freedom Munitions has enhanced the X-DEF line with several new calibers, including 38 Special X-DEF, 357 Mag X-DEF in two weights, a 200 grain 10MM X-DEF and also 357 Sig X-DEF emphasizing Freedom Munitions’ commitment to grow this well-known self-defense line of ammunition.

The .44 Mag X-DEF ammunition will be available in Feb. 2024 at in 50 count boxes. The projectiles are available now and can been seen at SHOT Show in Freedom’s booth, #10146.

About Freedom Munitions, LLC:

Freedom Munitions LLC manufactures ammunition, components and loading equipment through brands Freedom Munitions, X-Treme Bullets, LAX Ammunition and Ammo Load Worldwide. Freedom Munitions is the primary manufacturer designing and producing high quality new and remanufactured ammunition. X-Treme Bullets offers a complete line of reloading materials, including plated bullets and new brass. Ammo Load Worldwide develops highly advanced loading equipment, while LAX Ammunition is Southern California’s largest ammo retailer and firing range, also offering an online store. All Freedom Munitions LLC products are made in the USA to the strictest of standards.Freedom Munitions logo


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