HOP Munitions, a pioneering ammunition company known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, is proud to announce the release of its state-of-the-art poly ammo. Building on a legacy of providing quality ammunition products, this latest offering promises superior performance for both professional and recreational shooters.

HOP Munitions’ mission is to elevate the shooting experience through relentless innovation. We believe that every shooter deserves ammunition that is not just reliable, but also advanced in terms of technology and design. 

HOP Munitions Poly Ammo

Our new poly ammo is the embodiment of that belief, offering a blend of performance, durability, and value. These more economical rounds have become quite popular among competition shooters and firearms trainers.

The Polymer Bullets contain a lead core coated in a high-temperature polymer. These poly-coated bullets offer several benefits, such as reducing barrel wear, preventing barrel fouling, improving accuracy, and most importantly, being more affordable.

Optimized for competition shooting and training, this is an incredibly affordable training and practice round!

HOP Munitions

Advantages of Using Polymer Bullets

Shooting our Poly Bullets comes with several advantages over other types of ammunition.

Unlike lead rounds, they do not release toxic gases into the air, making them a safer choice, particularly for indoor shooters.

Polymer-coated rounds ensure smooth feeding from the magazine to the chamber, reducing the likelihood of a failure to feed. They tend to cycle more consistently into the chamber when compared to standard FMJ or even jacketed hollow points.

Another advantage is that they produce less fouling in the barrel compared to lead round-nose bullets. The soft lead can leave residue in the barrel, affecting accuracy and performance. Polymer-coated rounds, however, leave less or no residue, contributing to improved barrel longevity.

House of Payne 300 BLK

The overall purpose of using a polymer coating on bullets is to enhance performance by reducing friction, resulting in smoother and safer shooting experiences. HOP Munitions remains committed to pushing the boundaries in ammunition technology and serving our customers with unmatched quality and service. 

With our new poly ammo, we are confident that shooters everywhere will experience a noticeable difference in their performance.

For more information on HOP Munitions and our groundbreaking poly ammo, please visit our website at hopmunitions.com.

About HOP Munitions

Our mission is to create the highest quality ammunition possible! Located in central Ohio, House of Payne munitions strives to create the highest quality ammunition possible, by our team of skilled veterans while while providing them purpose and stability in the workplace.

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