Lancer Rifle Magazines

Lancer Rifle Magazines:

For my M4 rifles, I like 30-round magazines by Magpul, Lancer, and a few others.

I particularly like Lancer magazines for my Farnam Signature 7.62×51 rifle. Lancer makes both a 20-round and a 25-round version. I use both regularly, and both run just fine.

The plastic body of Lancer magazines can be had in “clear,” and “opaque.” I did prefer the smokey version, but I think it is discontinued

Both are now still available, and both are wonderful!

I recommend that all M4 rifle owners maintain at least ten magazines (fully charged) for each rifle.

Rifle magazines can be left fully charged more or less indefinitely, with no degradation in performance. There is really no reason for the existence of an empty magazine.


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John Farnam FS7.62x51 RifleJohn Farnam FS7.62x51 Rifle
John Farnam FS7.62×51 Rifle

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