Oppression News from NYS:

The newly-implemented NYS “Ammunition Background Check System” is (to no one’s surprise) an abomination of bureaucratic ineptitude that was purpose-built to harass and inconvenience innocent NYS gun-owners, and accomplish nothing else.

In order to buy ammunition for any kind of gun, NYS residents now have to undergo a state-run “background check.”

At present, the majority of such checks are “delayed indefinitely,” which means one cannot simply buy ammunition and then walk out of the store with it. When the sale is ultimately “approved” (which nearly all are, but it may take days, weeks, months, nobody seems to know nor care), the purchaser must then make a separate trip back to the retailer to finally take possession of his purchase.

Frustrated New Yorkers are, as a result, driving to PA (and other states) in order to stock up on ammunition. PA has no such restrictions.

This is yet another way for leftist politicians (Democrats & RINO’s) to make gun ownership and training so difficult, so punishing, so as to discourage citizens from owning guns.

That is, obviously, their only intent!

In order to keep and use serious guns correctly, one must get to the range and engage in live-fire exercises. There is some benefit to dry-practice, video simulations, etc. But there is no substitute for getting live rounds downrange on a regular basis.

Making the act of simply acquiring adequate quantities of ammunition for training a grueling, distasteful process assures state officials that the majority of NYS gun owners will be incompetent and unsafe when handling and using guns, leading to an increase in gun accidents and an ensuing cry for more restrictions.

Again, that’s the plan and has been from the beginning.

Leftist politicians want only two kinds of citizens:

Criminals and victims, and none other

Leftists have nothing but contempt for the successful, independent, moral, and self-sufficient. They want only fearful, defeated losers whose votes they can either buy or terrorize out of them.

They want all citizens to “get used to being a victim” because they’re trying to convince you that’s your civic duty. Thus, more restrictions are coming.

They’re just getting started!

“One of the most fascinating historical aspects of governments is their complete disregard for governing.

Governments are single-minded and interested only in increasing their control, and any ‘governance’ that comes out of the government’s actions is purely coincidental!

The lowest flunky, as well as the most powerful bureaucrat, is more interested in protecting his sinecure than in helping pitiable citizens who coughed-up tax money to pay their salaries.” ~ Hank Quense


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