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From the leader in ammunition innovation, Winchester introduces the 400 Legend, a new straight-walled cartridge with superior ballistics for both hunters and sport shooters. The 400 Legend ballistics make it an optimum choice for any hunter that wants a cartridge with moderate recoil and excellent terminal performance, particularly in hunting situations within 300 yards.

The straight-walled design of the 400 Legend qualifies it for use in several states that restrict bottle-necked cartridges for hunting. This heavy-hitting cartridge is optimum for deer, pig, black bear, and other big game with significant advantages in ballistics performance, recoil, and penetration.

400 Legend Features & Benefits—

  • Similar Energy as 450 Bushmaster with 20% Less Recoil
  • Over 20% More Energy than the 30-30 Winchester and 25% More Energy than 350 Legend, with Greater Penetration
  • 100% More Energy than a 12-Gauge Slug at 100 Yards
  • 55% Less Recoil than a 12-Gauge Slug

*Winchester Power Point bullet used to generate all data 

“As the leader in cartridge development, the 400 Legend is a testament to our Winchester team that continues to prioritize innovative products and our world-renowned brand,” said Ben Frank, senior product manager for Winchester Ammunition. “Our recent successes in the development of the 6.8 Western and 350 Legend demonstrates our ability to offer hunters and sport shooters tremendous value. Our legacy in manufacturing high-quality products with improved ballistics is unrivaled.”

Winchester 400 Legend ammunition will begin shipping in July; and 400 Legend chambered rifles will be offered in the coming year from: Mossberg, Ruger, Savage Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms, CMMG, and more.

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