New & Improved 2023 Model


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Your Lifesaving Survival Tool That's Perfect for Any Adventure

Pack light with this versatile companion that handles all essential camping tasks and survival needs

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The Most Versatile Survival Tool

Dig a Hole for Tench

Cut Wood to Build a Fire

Self-Defence Weapon

Use for Home Gardening

Make Shelter

Digging a Latrine

Introducing the CombatSpade Survival Shovel

One of the most versatile multi-use shovels on the market, the CombatSpade Survival Shovel is the perfect size to carry with you on any adventure. The handle is military-grade aluminum to ensure the maximum stability, strength, and durability. It comes in a nylon pouch for easy storage and protection. It’s compact, lightweight, and even looks great

A Cutting Edge Shovel That Has Your Back

3-in-1 Saw, Pick & Spade

Designed for ultimate outdoor activities and emergency scenarios

Made from Premium Grade Iron. Tough enough to get any job done!

Tough enough to get any job done!

Compact Foldable Design

Convenient and fits easily in your bag

Portable, Convenient & Strong

Designed and engineered with military survival tactics in mind, this tactical shovel will outperform anything you put it through.