With many Americans buying their first gun because of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing information to those new gun owners is one of our priorities. We’ve already explored some important tips for new gun owners. Now, we’ll take a look at some types of firearms recommended for those who are purchasing their first home defense or self defense guns.

Types of Home & Self Defense Guns

From the versatile, tried-and-true pump shotgun to the modern, modular AR-15, you can go many ways with a self-defense gun. Where rifles are easier to shoot farther, pistols conceal much better. Shorter guns work well in tight spaces, where bigger calibers provide more power. A good old fashioned revolver remains one of the more reliable firearm platforms you can find.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices here, but it’s easier than you think. Like most things, choice depends on circumstance. And if you’re new to carrying for self-defense, there’s much to consider, including choosing the right type of firearm that works for you.

There are basically five categories of guns frequently and successfully used for self defense and home-defense purposes. Let’s take a brief look at each, in this guns 101 guide to new gun owners.

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