Owning a gun is a huge responsibility, and knowing how to hide your gun in your house is an art. Guns are also valuable equipment, and proper storage, handling, and safety are imperative. Leaving a gun lying around in the open is not a safe option, but not everyone owns a gun safe to properly secure when it is not carried or used. You should always have a few safe and secure places to hide your gun to ensure it does not get into the wrong hands.

Why Would I Hide It?

Guns can be expensive, and as we enter an age where the cost of everything has significantly increased, the type of gun you own or want to own can cost as much as the monthly rent on a one-bedroom apartment downtown. In case you are wondering, renting downtown is expensive. This makes the gun not only valuable to you but also to the nice gentleman who just finished a five-year sentence in the state penitentiary for residential burglary and is out on parole.

You have to have sufficient hiding spots in your home to ensure that your lovely little heater remains yours. You also want to be sure you can get to the gun if you find yourself in a spot where you need it. There are some simple ways to keep yourself safe and your gun well hidden.

There are elements associated with a good hiding spot. You want to make sure that you use a location that is not obviously hiding something. This is generally the first place that will be search by someone rummaging through your home. It also has to be located and easily remembered to ensure you know where it is hidden. Given the fact that you may actually have to use your gun, it has to also be a location that allows for reasonably quick accessibility. Lastly, you want to pick an area void of adverse conditions remembering that guns are mechanical devices vulnerable to the elements.

Bad Hiding Spots

How to hide your gun without negatively affecting its operating ability is essential. This requires your weapon to be somewhat maintain and free of dirt, grit, moisture, and muck. It is also important to remember that guns are dangerous and even deadly, the point being to ensure that your hiding spot is such that visitors to your abode do not accidentally stumble upon your hidden treasure. There are several key areas that would be classified in the bad hiding spot category, and I have seen each of these used.

Areas to avoid:

Toilet tank

In Your Pillow

A drawer (kitchen, bathroom, or otherwise)

On top of the fridge

In the pantry, located inside a box of (Insert food container here)

Between your mattress and box spring

Legit Spots To Hide A Gun

Of course, properly storing your gun will make for a long and loving relationship with your gat and be the safest and most secure means to stay strapped. As a responsible gun owner, you have several duties that you are bound by, and storage is one of those.

The easiest solution is to bite the bullet and purchase an actual container explicitly made to store a gun that can also be Fix. Several options match these criteria, and the possibilities are almost endless with your internet purchasing power these days.

If you are more of a simplified home remedy type, there are options in that category. These can be those areas that you as the homeowner or resident, are well aware of but have a reasonable likelihood of being overseen by a visitor, welcome, or unwelcomed. You can even go full spy mode and construct hidden compartment-type areas within walls or furniture with unique activation methods for opening.

Acceptable hiding spots:

A secret mount safe with a quick push-button combo or fingerprint unlock feature, which can generally be mount behind a headboard or under a bed frame

A high closet shelf within something that belongs, i.e., a small backpack

Hollowed out book set on top of a high dresser drawer

Furniture or wall art explicitly designed to store/hide items, preferably with a hydraulic opening with magnetic unlock/activation feature)

A bookshelf mounted to a wall with hidden hinges and a secret open switch with a compartment area in the wall behind it

Stop Sticking Your Gun In Random Spots.

I have been handling guns since I was a kid, first handling and shooting a gun on dove hunts with my Grandpa. I was task with retrieving the guns from my Grandpa’s gun cabinet and putting them in the truck before we headed out. As I got older, I got hunting rifles of my own and remembered having to hide them in my room because I did not have a safe or cabinet to store them properly. This was where I first learned the importance of having a hiding spot for my guns.

Back then, it was between the mattresses or tucked into the back of the closet, covered with some clothes to make it look natural and uninteresting. These were the only hiding spots I had at the time, and I thought they would suffice. That is until our house was damage into one night while we were out. That is when I discovered that my hiding spots were rather obvious, and apparently, the dude that broke into our house had no trouble finding my guns.

So, invest a little time and effort to get yourself a proper hiding spot in your home to ensure your guns remain yours. You will not only make sure your home is safe, but you will also ensure that anyone coming into your house is none the wiser.

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