In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, gun buying surged. A lot of that buying centered on new gun owners looking to protect themselves in a time of uncertainty and panic; and there’s nothing wrong with that mindset. Better safe than sorry, right? And as new gun owners, let us be the first to welcome you. But for those of you who bought during the pandemic—or are considering it—there are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning a gun. We want to help walk you through the entire process. So, starting today we’re officially giving you free access to Personal Defense World’s Gun Primer! For those interested, just scroll to the bottom, fill out the form, and a digital copy is all yours for FREE for new gun owners!

Welcome to Your Gun Primer FREE DOWNLOAD

Personal Defense World’s Gun Primer, has everything you want to know about your first gun but were afraid to ask. We serve an audience that has surpassed 60 million American homeowners who protect their homes and loved ones with firearms. Are you ready to join the tremendous wave of law-abiding citizens applying for concealed-carry weapons permits and to buy your first gun? If so, let Personal Defense World‘s Gun Primer be your guide to getting on the right track.

Our authors are world-class experts on firearms. Many are former law enforcement officers who now train hundreds of cops and civilians alike each year. With this annual, they offer plenty of unmatched expertise without being intimidating to someone new to this realm. Gun Primer’s goal is to create a complete guidebook that you’ll refer to and pass along to fellow first-time gun owners.

Topics covered include certification/permit applications; buying tips for guns, ammo and accessories; training; home defense and safety tips; real-world legal lessons; concealed-carry insurance; gun customization; joining a shooting club; introducing other new shooters; and so much more.  It is the first stop for anyone considering first-time firearm ownership or purchasing a new gun for self-defense.

Personal Defense World’s Gun Primer is now available FREE for you or anyone you know considering gun ownership. Fill out the form below and a FREE digital copy is all yours!

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