Since early last year, gun sales exploded like never before. By August, we reported an estimated 5 million first-time gun owners among the rapidly growing 2A community. Of course that’s an amazing story. But it also highlights a very pressing need: quality training. Glock Professional attempts to fill that void with courses geared toward new shooters.

Glock Professional Brilliance in the Basics Course

Based out of Glock’s U.S. headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia, Glock Professional provides professional training to law enforcement, military and civilians. It offers onsite and hosted courses, including Armorer Course, Operator Course, Modular Optic System (MOS) Operator Course, Low Profile Carry Course and instructor courses. And now Glock Professional announces the new Brilliance in the Basics Course, a one-day, entry-level course of instruction.

The Glock Brilliance in the Basics Course teaches safe and proper use of Glock pistols.

“Firearm safety and education are a priority for us at Glock,” said Joseph Parent, Director of Training at Glock. “Our team of expert instructors are continuously training to provide exceptional educational experiences to our students and are excited to extend this to new shooters in a comfortable and safe learning environment.”

The one-day course is open to ages 16 and up. All students must pass background qualifications. The course provides all firearm-related equipment. Taught by Glock Professional trainers, instructors teach in safe, efficient, accurate use of Glock pistols, according to Glock.

The one-day course costs $250. For even more info, please visit

Glock Brilliance in the Basics Course

  • Cost: $250
  • Learn everything you will need to begin your journey in the use of GLOCK pistols in this 1 day (8 Hour) course.
  • This training is designed and intended for entry level individuals who are seeking professional instruction on the safe and proper use of GLOCK firearms.

GLOCK will provide:

  • The student will be provided with all firearms related equipment needed to safely complete the course.
  • The student will receive a 1 year GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation Membership and new member packet.

Students will provide:

  • A belt capable of supporting the weight of the holster, pistol, and magazines.
  • If the student wishes to bring their own GLOCK pistol, they will provide 200 rounds of factory loaded ammunition and a strong side holster that covers the trigger guard.
  • Appropriate range attire required.
  • A belt to support the pistol and magazine pouches
  • Duty Equipment Encouraged, but not required

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