First Shotgun? Tenth Shotgun?

Whether it’s your first or tenth shotgun, you need to train with it. For over two decades, I have been in law enforcement, shooting a shotgun at the academies I went to and “qualifying” yearly with one. Add that up, and it likely equates to 200 rounds in my career. That is by far not enough. Nowhere near enough. I knew I needed to get back on track with my shotgun skills.

This past week I joined the Six Eight Training Group crew and Ron Holmes from Ryker USA with the goal of learning and understanding how far I can push my gun. They ran me through several courses of fire and showed me several areas I needed to improve. By the end of the day, I ran the shotguns they provided and my own through the paces and came away with a solid foundation.

Racking That Action

Now don’t go racking the action in the middle of the night. Contrary to ancient lore, that does not work to deter a home invasion or intruder. In fact, if you rack a round, it will provide a snapshot to the intruder of where you are located. I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of what home defense firearm is right for you; a million factors play into firearm selection.

A shotgun is an option for someone who completely understands how to use it and what limitations it has.    If you choose to use a shotgun, you need to train and know it. For example, suppose you are adept at pistols and rifles, occasionally heading to the skeet range with a shotgun. In that case, a shotgun may not be the best firearm to protect your house.

A Round For All Occasions

The great thing about shotguns is the options it has in rounds. Want to blow a hole through steel? Grab a 3″ sabot slug. Want to put food on the table? Buckshot can be an option. Are you shooting skeet or competition? Buy some target loads. There seems to be a shotgun load for every occasion, from breaching a door to stopping a threat.

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