I hate talking about training. Literally. And I do mean any type of training in existence, especially regarding anything that has anything to remotely do with anything in the tactical inductor. For example, firearms training. If you ask three tactical firearms instructors about something that you would assume would be shared knowledge, there is a strong chance that the only thing that two of the guys would agree on, the third guy is wrong.

Why Everyone Needs A Firearms Class

The other funny yet not funny thing that tend to I hear is “I have been around guns my entire life;I don’t need training”. That usually comes from the same exact guy that proceeds to shoot himself in the foot while reupholstering. Even highly experienced gun guys can get complacent, and that’s generally when mistakes happen.

For example, let’s take guns out of the conversation and change the word “gun” to “coffee”. Now let’s take my Co-Worker Steve who sits next to me, which may or may not be a good example because Steve is an NRA instructor, an active Police officer, and a United States Marine Combat Veteran. Yet, Steve’s complacency disabled him from being able to distinguish the difference between a hot cup of coffee and trail mix. That’s right, instead of pouring a delicious blend of pretzels and M&Ms into his support hand, he gave it first degrees burns by deploying a cup of fragrant morning mud over it. Yes, folks, complacency can burn the skin off your hand. And yes, I wasn’t sure where I was going with that one for a moment.

Day Number One

But let’s add the word “firearms” back into this tasty bag of trail mix. Let’s ask “why do I need a firearms class? And what is The Importance of Proper Training?”.

For this, I decided to lean over to my other Co-Worker Tony who is also an NRA instructor and who happens to agree that Steve should avoid coffee and simple things like breathing.

Here is what Tony would say to anyone that would ask him “Why do I need a firearms class? And what is The Importance of Proper Training?”.

1. Learn The Basics

Learn the basics of gun safety. Learn the parts learn how to take them apart, clean them, and put it back together. Learn how to clear your un when it misfires “jams”. Learn your favorite grip and stance. Learn the difference between concealment and cover. There are so many things that seem basic to many of us, but it’s the basics that will keep you alive in a gunfight.

     2. Refresh Your Skills

      Let’s look back at rule number one. Even the NAVY Seals see the need to practice basics and train, and so should you.  Seriously, every world champion of every sport on Earth spends their days and nights training to be better, I think that we all have skills that need to be brushed up on. None of us is too good for that.

3. Get An Outside View

No one likes to be criticized. But good critiquing is good critiquing. People on the outside see what you can’t. If they know what they are talking about that then just learn with an open mind. And if you hate what he has to say, just say “f@ck that guy” after he leaves.

4. learn New Techniques

If you are willing to use Google, YouTube, or MAPS to figure out a problem then going to a firearms class really isn’t that big of a stretch. I am always down to learn a new way of making myself better than I was yesterday. And when it comes to firearms training, you really DO want to be your very best at handling your gun. That is a LOT of power that you are holding in your hand. Master every angle of firearms training that you can.

5. Become Proficient And Not Complacent

This kind of goes back into the introduction of this article. Don’t be that guy that pours hot coffee onto himself and burns himself. Likewise, don’t be the guy that shoots his own dick off because you “grew up with guns”. Proficiency comes with repetition and practice. I don’t care what anyone says, YouTube is not a substitute for good firearms instruction from a person who is going to correct your mistakes on the range. Yes, firearms classes can be expensive, well then, save up. It’s better that you buy a less expensive gun and spend the saved gun money on training than have an expensive firearm and not know how to use it properly.

Shooting a gun is like riding a bike. Except, while riding a bike you may all while you are knocking the rust off and hurt only yourself. Knocking the rust off your firearms skills that you learned 15 years ago from your grandfather might end up with someone else in the ground.

Firearms Training is important. Get to it.

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